Diskless Mining Solution for Large Scale Farms

We provide a commercial Diskless Mining Solution for our clients, especially large scale farms. We will deploy diskless mining operation system via a central server. All the miners DO NOT need to install an HDD, SSD or USB drive, since their OS including the mining software are provisioned via the central server.

Benifits of such a solution:

If you're interested in this diskless mining solution, please contanct me via devdoc.net

Network topology of diskless mining solution/无盘挖矿解决方案的网络拓扑:

Network Topology

Central monitor console/中央监控控制台:

Central Monitor Console

Remote control for miner/矿机远程控制:

Remote Control




如果你对无盘挖矿方案感兴趣,请联系 devdoc.net